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Point 1

 Why the Change?

Welcome to the new Access Medical Home – our new clinic!

I want to invite you to join Access Medical Home for improved healthcare affordability (for most), more advanced diagnostic evaluation, and more accessible and convenient patient-doctor encounters. Simply put, Direct Care means that all fees for my services are paid directly by my patients to the clinic at a deeply discounted rate. The clinic will no longer file claims to private insurances, Medicare or Medicaid. However, most of you with private insurance will still be able to file your insurance claims. Those of you with Medicare (plus a supplement/secondary insurance) may be able to file your claim with the secondary/supplement insurance, but not to Medicare.  Medicaid will also not let you file claims, either. The process of filing your claim should be relatively simple – you mail in a form that we print out for you. To understand how your insurance coverage applies you will want to check with your insurance agent regarding your out-of-network benefits. Many people will choose not to file a claim because the amount is too small to bother with, and some will not file to protect their privacy.

I will be the first in our region as I move to a Direct Care Clinic with enhanced technology for doctor-patient encounter capability. This may be a secondary reason for you to be attracted to our clinic. Depending on the specific nature of your needs this may enable you to be have an encounter with the doctor in a more convenient manner over your computer without leaving your home, or even when you are out of town. Although your expectation should always be that you will need to be seen in the clinic to address your concern, in some cases you may be able to avoid making a trip to the clinic.

Why is this change needed? Due to many troubling changes in healthcare legislation and business practices, it has become practically impossible for me to ethically provide the care, time, and diligence that my patients need. By no longer accepting third-party reimbursement, you and I are no longer subject to their rules, limitations and burdens. This allows me to practice medicine with one goal in mind­—your best health.

After lots of research, I have become convinced that the direct care model will allow for more accessible and advanced care that is also more affordable for most of my patients.

How can it be more affordable? While your specific results may vary depending on your current insurance coverage, it’s been generally shown that:*

  • Patients without insurance can estimate a 50-80% savings for primary health care costs
  • On average those with Medicare saw about 7% savings in out of pocket costs
  • On average those with private insurance saw about 12% savings in out of pocket cost

*Statistics from study by the University of North Carolina, College of Medicine

My concern is that you as my patient not make a knee-jerk decision and assume it will be more expensive to come see me now. Inserted in this letter are some additional considerations on savings and benefits through Access Medical Home.

What are the benefits to Direct Care, even for those in which it turns out to be slightly more expensive? The best reason to choose to become a member at our direct care clinic is the difference in quality of time and care given to you. Ultimately, the dollars you spend will have more value.

  1. Quality of time – How would you like to have 30 minutes with your doctor, or even more time when needed?
  2. Advanced testing and evaluation – discover your real risks to develop diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Over 50% of the people who have heart attacks had a normal “cholesterol check.” This fact tells us that you need better testing to know your real risks. Receive in-depth education on what you need to know to actually experience health and avoid disease. Numerous patients have had their lives radically changed for the better as a result of this healthier approach to medical care.
  3. More efficient and convenient service – when is the last time you had direct contact with your doctor outside of going to the clinic to be seen? Although there will be circumstances where a clinic visit is necessary, what if the doctor and staff are motivated to responsibly provide solutions without you making a trip into the clinic? As long as the circumstances are appropriate, we will provide methods of enhancing your care through electronic communication via secure phone, text or video interaction.
  4. House calls – not just a relic of the past, if needed – an appointment can be scheduled
  5. Pro-active approach to your health – You won’t just receive value by being treated when sick. We provide extensive education. Additionally, how would you like to receive news-letters addressing some timely medical news and also addressing some of the false reports in the media about medications or supplements you are taking?

Why now? I am making this move to meet your needs now and in the future. In coming years, it will become increasingly difficult to find a doctor which means physicians will be scheduling more patients, with less time for each patient. Third party payers (the government and private insurances) will dictate how many encounters a physician needs to have. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our old clinic has served over 5000 patients. Access Medical Home will be limited to no more than 1200 memberships to serve each patient optimally.  Memberships are first come, first serve. As a courtesy to our patient base, we are giving you a head start to becoming a member. At this time we are not excluding new patients from joining as a member, but we are also not planning to promote to the general public until sometime mid-September. Hopefully you will have plenty of time over the next several weeks to get your questions answered and make an informed decision.

What next? There will be two options for you to be seen at the new clinic. One is simply a non-member, pay as you go option. You pay when you come in and our fee schedule will be clearly posted so there are no questions about the cost of care.

Most will choose to become a Member. There are two Membership options. With the Membership there is a monthly fee with additional discounts for all services and enhanced accessibility options not currently available through most doctor’s offices.

To become a Member go to any of the Member Registration links on the website, or go to the clinic.

The first 250 patients to sign up for one of the membership options will receive a
$15 Access Medical Home T-shirt for free and a $15 dollar coupon!

We encourage you to:

  • Read the additional information.
  • Make an informed decision.
  • Do what is best for your health. We hope you’ll choose Access Medical Home to serve you.


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