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Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of both of the forms to see everything!

As you are looking at the screen the gray scroll bar is just to the right of the fee schedule document just inside the the blue border.



Member Registration

Find health, save money (most do), be a part of a solution to fix the system by becoming an Access Medical Home Member!

How important is your health? How much would you pay per month to have advanced insight and guidance to be healthy and feel better – not to mention avoiding diabetes (or reversing diabetes), avoiding heart attacks and strokes?

Which is more valuable to you – your health or TV?
How much do you pay for your TV service? $50 to $100 per month?

Typical costs for cable TV:  –  http://electronics.costhelper.com/cable-tv.html  –

  • Standard/Starter packages are $50 -$60 a month.
  • The mid-level Preferred package is around $70 -$80 a month. While the top tier
  • Premier package is $100 -$127. These prices do not include any premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc), HDTV, or DVR add-ons.

Typical costs for satellite TV:  –  http://electronics.costhelper.com/satellite-tv.html

  • Most packages and available pricing require a contract commitment. DirecTV packages currently require a 12 month service plan while Dish Network plansrequire 24 month commitments.
  • Dish Network offers a basic DishFamily package for $20 without local channels. The comparable package on DirecTV is $30 with local channels included.
  • There are five middle tier packages from Dish that range from $35 -$58 per month. DirecTV’s next two level programming packages range from $56 -$61 a month.
  • Dish Network’s America’s Everything Pak is $99 a month and DirecTV’s Premier package is $110 a month. These two are the companies’ top tier plans.
  • The higher priced tiered packages often include some premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz!.


How much time does your physician spend with you? It’s going to get even shorter. It is growing harder and harder to see a doctor without a long wait. If you will take action now, you can secure your ability to see your physician same day or next day. How would you like to have plenty of time (30 to 60 minutes if needed) with your physician? This is possible in our direct care model because we can limit the number of medical members to 1,200 and sees a maximum of 16 patients a day? Do you know how many patients the average doctor sees a day?

Would you like for your physician to make house calls? When is the last time you knew you could schedule a doctor to come to your house?

Would you like to have more options to interact with your physician besides making a trip to the clinic? Would having access to your physician through enhanced technology for doctor-patient encounter capability interest you? Depending on the specific nature of your needs this may enable you to be have an encounter with your doctor in a more convenient manner over your computer without leaving your home, or even when you are out of town. In some cases you may be able to avoid making a trip to the clinic.

Become an Access Medical Home Member while you can! Limited space for patients. We have over 5,000 registered patients. Only the first 1,200 will be accepted. Get your application for membership turned in as quick as possible. The first 250 patients to sign up for a medical membership will get both a $15 Access Medical Home T-shirt for free and a $15 dollar coupon toward services at Access Medical Home.

Member Registration


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