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annual wellness evaluations

Find out what the benefits are with an
Annual Wellness Evaluations, Membership, and Advanced Cardiovascular, Metabolic & Pre-Diabetes Profile

#1 – As a direct care clinic we do not file insurance claims. You instead pay the clinic directly for your services and you can choose to file a claim to get reimbursed if your insurance policy considers the services you received as a part of their out of network benefits.  This is a simple process of you mailing a form to your insurance company of your information that we can print for you. We do the majority of our lab testing through two different laboratories. We can use both to help you save money. If you have a health insurance policy the specialty lab will not charge you. They will only charge your insurance company.Therefore, your out of pocket costs are zero. If you do not have insurance you can still use the specialty lab – see their charges listed at www.AccessMedHome.com/fee-schedule . If you need to use the other laboratory for testing then you still have the option for them to file a claim to your insurance for you, but it may be cheaper in some cases to pay for the testing directly through Access Medical Home. We cannot determine for you what your cost will be if you have the laboratory file a claim to your insurance. However, we can tell you exactly what the cost is if you pay for the testing through Access Medical Home.

#2 – Even though we are a direct pay clinic and we do not file insurance claims it is still important to identify if you have insurance. Depending on what type of lab work you want done, you will find that it may be cheaper in some cases to let the laboratory file a claim for you. In some cases it will be cheaper to pay for your lab work directly through Access Medical Home instead of having the laboratory file a claim with your insurance company. Some people will choose not to have any claims filed secondary to concerns of the privacy of their health care information, and not wanting their private health information being used by the insurance companies or government.

#3 – If you choose NOT to become a member, then for your Annual Wellness Evaluation you will choose the $99 visit fee if you are a new patient, or the $59 visit fee if you are an established patient. You would then discuss with your doctor what your needs are and choose from the non-member menu of services which tests were most appropriate for your annual evaluation.

#4 – If you choose NOT to become a member, and you choose to have Advanced Cardiovascular and Metabolic/Pre-Diabetes Evaluation done there is an additional annual overhead fee of $120 to cover the cost of all the educational resources and materials including the electronic educational system.

#5 – As you are trying to make a decision about which Annual Wellness Evaluation is best for you, you will need to make 3 simple determinations:

– Do you have insurance?
– Are you an adult male or female, or are you a child 17 years of age or younger?
– Are you choosing to be a member or non-member?

Once you have made these determinations it will be easier to choose what you want for your Annual Wellness Evaluation. Some tests listed as benefits may be excluded when deemed not necessary or not recommended.

Choose the category that most accurately fits you to find out what benefits you receive from an Annual Wellness Evaluation and Advanced Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Pre-diabetes Profile:

Insurance – Member

Insurance - Male - Member

Insurance - Female - Member

Insurance - Child - Member


No Insurance – Member

No Insurance - Male - Member

No Insurance - Female - Member

No Insurance - Child - Member


Insurance – Non-member

Insurance - Male - Non-member

Insurance - Female - Non-member

Insurance - Child (1-17) - Non-member


No Insurance – Non-member

No Insurance - Male - Non-member

No Insurance - Female - Non-member

No Insurance - Child (1-17) - Non-member


Pick the Annual Wellness Exam for you and then register as a patient.

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