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See Dr. Hearyman at Access Medical Home to optimize your health, instead of chasing symptoms. Out of a select number of clinics in Arkansas our outcomes are better for cardiovascular risk reduction and underlying chronic disease like - fatigue, insulin resistance, diabetes, systemic inflammation, etc...

Posted 5 hours, 49 minutes ago

Cost: For an established patient to be seen $59 for Non-member $20 for Member $10 for Member Plus Compare to local government subsidized clinics: If you don’t have insurance and do not meet their sliding scale criteria for a poverty discount your cost to be seen is over $100. Yes, that’s right. We are 40% to 50% cheaper than the “free” clinics. More importantly, at Access Medical Home the doctor spends 30 to 60 minutes with you if needed. Each hard earned dollar you spend goes farther. For more information - Review Website: or Call: 501.724.3110 Please share this message on your Facebook page! There may be someone who needs medical attention, but thinks they can't afford it.

Posted 5 hours, 56 minutes ago

Are you a #1 - "give me the bottom line" type person? Or, are you a #2 - "give me all the details" type person?

#1 - If you are a "just give me the bottom line" type of person, then I suggest you consider the recent example below. 

   You may also click on and read Why the Change? in Point #1, then look at the fee schedule and make a decision about which option you like the best.

Recent Example– a local man saw his longtime family doctor in Searcy. He had not met his insurance deductible so he had to pay the amount charged to his insurance. The cost just to see his doctor was $120. The cost to get his blood tests was well over $200. Total cost for visit was well over $300.

More importantly, his doctor only spent a few minutes with him and was perceived to be rude. [Doctors who are restricted by insurance (government and private) have to see large numbers of people, and are often more stressed.]

Compare to Access Medical Home:the same visit would have only cost: 

$59 as a Non-member patient, or 

$20 as a Member patient. 

More importantly, the doctor is less stressed and spends from 30 to 60 minutes with you if needed. This means more value for each of your hard earned dollars.

#2 - If you are the type of person that needs more information before you decide, then you will likely want to look at all three points. 

Let's get started!

Point 1

Point 2

Direct Care is like medicine back in the good old days… when the doctor worked only for the patient.

Reasons why the direct care approach is more affordable:

Point 3

most important reasons to be a Member?

The best reason to choose to become a member at Access Medical Home is the difference in quality of time and care given to you. Ultimately, the dollars you spend will have more value.

1. quality of time – How would you like to have 30 minutes with your doctor, or even more time when needed?

2. advanced testing and evaluation – discover your real risks to develop diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Over 50% of the people who have heart attacks had a normal “cholesterol check.” This fact tells us that you need better testing to know your real risks. Receive in-depth education on what you need to know to actually experience health and avoid disease. Numerous patients have had their lives radically changed for the better as a result of this healthier approach to medical care.

3. more efficient and convenient service – when is the last time you had direct contact with your doctor outside of going to the clinic? Although there will be circumstances where a clinic visit is required, many of your needs can be provided remotely? As long as the circumstances are appropriate, we will provide methods of enhancing your care through electronic communication via secure electronic messaging phone, or video interaction. calls – not just a relic of the past, if needed – an appointment can be scheduled

5. pro-active approach to your health – More than just treating your symptoms, we provide an approach to optimizing your health and extensive education. Additionally, we will provide news-letters addressing some timely medical news, and some of the false reports in the media about medications or supplements you are taking?

6. your privacy – Do you prefer to keep your medical information just between you and your doctor? We are currently seeing frequent articles discussing the concerns of government and private insurance companies using your medical information to make medical determinations for you. If you pay your doctor directly and do not file a claim with your insurance, then they do not have a right to your information. 

Lastly - don't pay more because of your insurance - it is more expensive than most think.

A  road block for some to receive this better approach to health care services is their misunderstanding of what a Direct Care clinic means for them regarding their insurance.

When sharing the good news of the new Direct Care clinic with  patients over the past month we have noticed a common knee jerk reaction when they are told we do not file insurance claims. Some have a misconception that it will be more expensive.

These misconceptions are ill founded out of the belief that using their insurance always saves money. Watch this video for commentary explaining why using your insurance is sometimes more expensive – “Tricked by Insurance” by David Belk, MD


Results will vary based on each individual's insurance policies' out of network benefits. On a visit by visit basis costs may vary, but generally speaking most people will save money over a years’ time when getting their medical care at a Direct Care clinic.

Note: No websites, links, or products available on this page or linked to this page are endorsed or recommended by the site author - they are only made available for your convenience.  Always consult your personal physician before using any product or information found here.